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Interview with Thomas Marchi, CEO and Co-Founder of Sentivate


We sat down with Thomas DeMarchi, Co-Founder and CEO at Sentivate to discuss the project more.

Q1: “What’s up Tom, everyone has his own story on how he/she got into blockchain technology. What’s yours?”

"I’ll keep the bit about myself short as I prefer the focus to be on the work. I’m a builder at heart, have a constant need to create, and I continually strive for perfection in my work. I have been developing longer than half my life span. I have built a plethora of apps in different subject matters such as genetic applications, mobile apps, neuromorphic front/back-ends, utility libraries, websites, real-time apps, social media automation, social networks, benchmarking software, security, frameworks, high-speed trading apps, CSS design frameworks, RFID solutions, media applications, torrent streaming, IT, modified browsers, and GUI designs.

Very early on, I saw BTC on GitHub, and that piqued my initial interest. From there, I got involved in mining with friends and slowly after trading. Eventually, I wrote a Binance leverage trading bot. It was as high speed as possible within the context of API limits. The bots ran into one issue because it couldn’t trade as fast as it wanted to because of an API or network rate limitations. This overtime was adjusted to more of an opportunistic trading bot that took in more detail. We’ll be releasing a trading bot or code for it on the Sentivate Network exclusively at some point. We had experimentations and prototypes of blockchain-related tech for purely research and development purposes. The experiments were designed to prototype ideas quickly and see how they could play out on a larger network."


Q2: For those who don’t know you. What is your role at Sentivate, and what are you responsible for?

I am currently serving as the Lead Developer, so one of the first things is to address the team, messages, and community. A quarter of the day is all about communication and outreach. My messages on Telegram are filled to the top every morning, so the best place to reach core team members and me is Discord. Discord is our main community hub and has excellent spam prevention mechanisms out of the box.

The rest of the day is all about code and standards discussion. Since we are building a new Web from scratch, many of our discussions are focused on future proof web standards. Prototyping and code are the majority of the day. It’s safe to say I code a lot and practice what is called extreme programming. Essentially I delete what I made and re-write it. This results in smaller, more modular code; but takes more time to complete.

The end of my Sentivate day is focused on catching up with advisors and reading status reports from the core. I have an amazing team, but we are looking for new developers and designers, so if you’re interested, please email me at [email protected] or contact me directly on Discord."


Q3: Can you tell us more about the backgrounds of the team members of Sentivate?

Our team consists of several people with different skills; here is a brief description of some of them.

Matt Karasiewicz (Co-founder/Finance)

Matt has earned a Bachelor of Finance in Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Studies from Rider University. After University, he was a managing partner at Menrvah, and the president of KMA Satellite Inc., in addition to helping found & secure finance for Arity.

Lew Knopp (Co-founder)

Former Navy Seal, founder of Templar Titan Inc., and Co-founder of the Center for Online Justice. His story is told best on his profile at TT’s website if you want to dig deeper.

Nina Simosko (Strategic Advisor)

Nina Simosko served as President and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute Inc. (NTT i3), the prestigious Silicon Valley-based innovation center for NTT Group, one of the world’s largest ICT companies. Focused on fostering strategic innovation, NTT i3 works with established enterprise companies interested in investigating new approaches to evolving technology-first, digitally-driven businesses. Likewise, it partners with early-stage digitally-native businesses looking to expand their presence and challenger advantage. Accelerating the movement of innovation from initial idea to marketplace implementation, NTT i3 combines access to the significant global infrastructure resources, investment fund, research knowledge, and trusted long-standing customer relationships of NTT Global with its own software startup expertise and deep enterprise relationships.

Previously, Ms. Simosko was responsible for leading the creation and execution of Nike Technology strategy, planning, and operations worldwide. Before that, she was Senior Vice President of SAP’s Global Premier Customer Network (PCN). At SAP, she led both the PCN Center of Excellence and SAP’s Global Executive Advisory Board. During her eight-year tenure, she was a part of SAP’s Global Ecosystem & Partner Group, which was charged with continuing to build and enable an open ecosystem of software, service, and technology partners together with SAP’s communities of innovation. Additionally, she served as the Global Chief Operating Officer for the worldwide Customer Education organization, responsible for driving more than half a billion euros in global education software and services revenue."


Q4: Alright, let's finally go deeper into Sentivate. What is Sentivate, and why do we need a blockchain-based universal web browser? What's wrong with the web today?

Sentivate Network is a hybrid network that incorporates both a centralized and decentralized approach to its architecture. This is because the project aims to merge both worlds' best and achieve the best user experience, speed, reliability, and security. 

The problem with HTTP and DNS's current system was designed a long time ago when their creators have intended it for limited use. Since then, the World Wide Web has evolved into a global scale interconnected communication with ever-increasing demand and use-case. Besides communication, the modern internet has enabled economic globalization, but the outdated protocols aren't equipped to handle this ever-increasing demand.

This has created a bandwidth crisis that threatens to compromise net neutrality to resume business as usual. Sentivate Network wants to solve this issue by creating new protocols to revolutionize existing components."

Q5: How did you guys come up with the idea which gave birth to Sentivate?

Originally we were designing Sentivate to be a solution for private government intranets or private Webs. After going through the web's many faults and finding that many vulnerabilities were inherent, we slowly started to change direction. Eventually, we realized the scope of what we were building and what was actually being created. As we continued to research solutions for things like built-in congestion control for packets, cryptocurrency started to move into the mix. Decentralized aspects were initially part of the original design as it improved the availability of static assets and increased scalability and centralized services."

Q6: Nowadays, most people heard about 'dApps' are, but what is 'hApps' that you market on your website. What is the difference?

Hybrid Apps are designed to be better than traditional web apps & today's dApps. Hybrid apps are built around the idea of a constant stream of real-time data & only pushing data to the client that it needs at that exact moment. hApps build themselves as they are being used. The background assets and dynamic data are streamed to the client, which builds the GUI as you use it. If you were to slow down an hApp to a crawl, you would see the app-building itself section by section streaming in all the required assets.

Since assets rely on hash IDs, they can easily integrate into a P2PCDN. This is one aspect of how Hybrid apps take on their "hybrid" attributes. We are working on a network-wide P2PCDN, which allows users to gain VIAT by distributing assets and contributing to the network. Assets that are present on multiple sites such as popular front-end libraries like Ractive, React, Angular, jQuery, Vue, Acidjs, Backbone, and Underscore can be distributed efficiently distributed to clients. This further increases availability and scalability of the Universal Web.

Hybrid apps are reactive applications from the start. Our browser will continue to include a custom front-end framework built on our utility libraries and a reactive component library called Ractive, which was originally developed at the Guardian.

Hybrid apps have improved real-time functionality over traditional web apps. Compared to traditional web apps, hApps have UDSP, which replaces both HTTP and WebSockets in functionality and purpose. The stream itself has more flexibility when reliability comes into play. UDSP is a bi-directional real-time stream which can push updates to clients or server the moment they happen. The same exact connection is used to also transfer over real-time assets."


Q7: Sentivate has a lot to offer, starting from cryptography up to artificial intelligence (AI). What are you most proud of, and which one do you think has the most potential for adoption?

UDSP, our data transport protocol, is where a lot of the increase in scalability comes from. It's definitely the main component of the project I'm the proudest of having worked on, especially for what the future climate of IoT holds.

UDSP is great for machine-to-machine communication and the world of IoT. The packets are specifically designed to be easily digested and quickly utilized. UDSP is for low-latency high-throughput communication making it ideal for dispersed computing and parallel computing environments, which require dynamic changes to the protocol. UDSP is great for adoption because it provides economic benefits to consumers and enterprises alike through resource utilization reduction and cost savings. UDSP can integrate and be a solution for any web-facing infrastructure to immediately adopt and benefit without any huge lag time for incorporating it. Compared to most additive options the web has today that are plagued with interoperability issues, it highlights the ease of incorporating UDSP, which translates into faster and easier adoption."


Q8: What are the use cases of your native currency, SNTVT? 

SNTVT is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network. Sentivate tokens are used to gain access to the early stages of the Sentivate Network, development process, & voting. Delegates cast their votes during various phases of development, which aids in directing the project. Delegates have early access to browsers, server modules, client modules, Identity certificates, Domain certificates, and various other applications. Delegates with more SNTVT tokens have more voting power and have a greater ability to steer the project. Delegates are SNTVT holders, which can verify they own SNTVT in a wallet(s) via a signed message."


Q9: I noticed a confusion between SNTVT and VIAT. What exactly is VIAT, and why is it important to the Sentivate Network?

VIAT is our mainnet cryptocurrency that is a component of the Sentivate network. SNTVT will be swapped for VIAT upon VIAT's launch. SNTVT ERC20 will be burned, and everyone will be required to swap to VIAT. It also has its own chain. VIAT runs on the Sentivate Network but is not Sentivate or vice versa. The VIAT site will only be accessible over the Sentivate network with a browser that supports the Universal Web.

We strive for a delicate balance between both when it comes to controlling the network. Things like DIS are decentralized in its distribution and validation but centralized in the signing, selling, and authorizing domains similar to ICANN. VIAT has its own unique balance where the centralized bits aid the decentralized network.

Token Swap from SNTVT to VIAT will occur in a ratio of 1000 SNTVT : 1 VIAT, which is a deflationary model. This means that 4.2B tokens will be replaced with 42 million after the swap is completed, which will happen after Sentivate's web launches."


Q10: Can you tell us more about the Sentivate DeFi Programs?

"Yes! We are excited to announce our entrance into the DeFi Space by offering two distinct options to our community and those not familiar with the project. The Decentralized Finance Program is spaced out between two platforms that we think will become staples in the Crypto-DeFi World. 

SNTVT partners with Value DeFi protocol to launch the world's-first liquidity mining program using the one-click solution of Value Liquid technology. 

Sentivate will distribute 380 million SNTVT tokens (currently worth $2.5M) using Value Liquid technology in the next 8–35 weeks. Initially chosen pools are WETH/SNTVT with 98/2 Ratio; VALUE/SNTVT with 50/50 Ratio & SNTVT-Staking Pool utilizing USDC/SNTVT with 10/90 Ratio. There will be future pools coming from SNTVT, but these are the initial three. 

The logic between choosing these select pools and their ratios are as follows:


The WETH/SNTVT pool was chosen with a 98% wETH and 2% SNTVT ratio to attract ETH farming whales to build up project liquidity and distribute the tokens among major players in the ecosystem. This pool will run initially for 8 weeks and distribute a total of 116,250,000 SNTVT Tokens. 10% of tokens farmed during the stated period will be unlocked immediately for claiming.

The other 90% tokens will be unlocked after 2 months, then unlocked LINEARLY every block for 10 days.


The VALUE/SNTVT, 50% pool, was selected to honor the partnership between two amazing projects that will change the game in their targeted industries, respectively. We have the utmost respect for the VALUE DeFi Team and what they have achieved in a short period of time. Our commitment to the partnership shows that we would love to grow and change the game together. We will welcome VALUE as one of the first projects on our mainnet as soon as we go live in 2021. This pool will run initially for 8 weeks and distribute a total of 123,750,000 SNTVT Tokens.

10% of tokens farmed during the stated period will be unlocked immediately for claiming

The other 90% tokens will be unlocked after 8 months, then unlocked LINEARLY every block for 10 days. 


The third pool that will be released will be the USDC/SNTVT Pool. The ratio of the pool will be 20% USDC and 90% SNTVT. This is to be dubbed the "SNTVT-Staking Pool." We came across this solution to satisfy our long-term holders and reward them for faith in our project. The 20%/90% ratio does force stakers to be locked up, reducing sell pressure and rewarding them well while adding liquidity and stability to the SNTVT token. We believe that this will reduce selling pressure on the market and allow the long-term supporters and believers to rack up more SNTVT and introduce buy pressure as new market participants enter. USDC is one of the more trusted stablecoins on the market among traders, which is why we chose it specifically. This pool will run initially for 35 weeks (8 months) and distribute a total of 135,000,000 SNTVT Tokens. 

The program was designed to be conservative, stable, and sustainable. In our models: Our Assumed Spot Price would be $.005 and $3,000,000 in Total Value Locked in each pool when running our Yield-Earning estimates. These will be your "Independent Variables" if you wish to simulate for yourself: 

Make a copy of our model and plug&play numbers to see the scenarios!

The Sentivate Governance Board reserves the right to renew the WETH & VALUE Pools after the original 8 week periods and may also contribute additional SNTVT Tokens to the VALUE DeFi Program for Pools as they see fit at a later date.

Our Second DeFi Partnership involves a 50/50 ETH/SNTVT Social Liquidity Pool ran on ParJar Tech

The launch of the SNTVT Social Liquidity Mine on the Social Liquidity Platform will allow community members to provide liquidity to their favorite project; while being rewarded for it and the additional collection of Uniswap fees. The SNTVT SLM is its own audited smart contract, where liquidity providers can stake their tokens, and upon staking, they are immediately rewarded with tokens. ParJar currently interacts directly with the UNISWAP API and requires the user to add the SNTVT amount and the equivalent ETH value at the time of pooling liquidity.

The ParJar ETH/SNTVT has been allocated 125,000,000 SNTVT Tokens to run for 6 months. ParJar rewards differ from VALUE in that they are static, while VALUE is dynamic."

Read more at:


Q11: How can Sentivate help drive blockchain & cryptocurrency mass adoption?

It gets down to adoption and uses cases. To spur initial adoption, we are re-releasing all of our previous applications back on the Sentivate Network only. Apps that fill multiple current holes in the market and have fantastic potential to pull in organic revenue. None the less that is only an aspect of adoption. Providing businesses & governments with the use of case-specific solutions are the other side of the adoption pie.

Mass adoption will be achieved via strategic partnerships with merchants and market industries to onboard consumers on to the platform."


Q12: What can we expect from Sentivate in the future?

The ultimate end goal is for the world wide web to be phased out along with its outdated technologies. The Universal Web becomes the standard for the web. The UW spreads beyond this rock called Earth, and everyone is using VIAT to buy and sell goods and donate to services. The revenue model for services slightly adjusts. Buying goods becomes a click of a button. DDOS attacks and web crime are drastically on the decline. The need for usernames and passwords have been almost completely phased out. Identity certificates act as your keys to not just the Universal Web but the political voting process.

When individuals are born or become citizens, they generate an identity certificate signed by the land's governing body. Your identity certificate becomes your global id for all countries and soon planets. The economy is moving at higher speeds as trades and purchases happen in near real-time. Identity theft and security-related concerns are less successful and concerning. Bad actors are held accountable, and the web becomes a safer place. Malformed packets never make it out the gate.

A majority of data transfers are using UDSP for things over the Universal Web. UDSP becomes a universal protocol that fits into many different use cases beyond the UW. The web takes on a new language that is capable of being compiled and or highly optimized. All web apps are beautiful by default and seamless across devices. Apps can now take advantage of rolling design and technological updates for the web instead of waiting for years for a bureaucratic process to produce lackluster results.

The future web will drastically change how our economy, social interactions, web legal system, and political process occur. The Identity system at its heart is a decentralized identity on a global scale. Identity certificates become an individual's digital identity, even physical devices. I believe that what we will set the groundwork for will forever change the face of Web communications for years to come. Something that will culminate in a singularity that we truly can't see past just yet."


Q13: Thanks for your time and the great interview Tom! If people want to stay up to date or get in touch with the team, where should they go?

Social channels


Official Chat


Public Deck


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